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National Robotics Competition 2019
Eventually robots can do everything. #Not.
The Experience.

Robots are here for good. So are kids and their unquenchable thirst for innovation.

This year, we delivered a fully innovative experience for COSMOTE and WRO. We managed to fully upscale the contest and turned it into a national futuristic experiential celebration that surpassed all expectations! Even ours.

A thrilling experience for 1,971 kids from all over Greece

1 Platinum and 2 Gold Awards for HEADLINE at the National Events Awards 2019.

The ultimate pride of being named “Event Agency of the Year 2019”. (the competition surely helped!)


The Features.

A futuristic make-over of a 39000m2 stadium

An impressive lightshow

Roboland – a whole Robotic city created from scratch

9 innovative experiential activationsh

A Robotic Hologram welcomed guests

A real interactive robot (pepper the Robot) entertaining people

An interactive Robodance floor

An immersive Hololens robotic experience

A mindblowing Mindbowling game with EEG headsets

A jawdropping Interactive Slingshot game

A Robotic Projection Mapping

A Vr painting experience for kids with the use of Tiltbrush

A Videograph production – Green screen custom video with robots

The Results.
  • In one year, the number of attendees increased per 44,80%
  • The total number (participants and guests) exceeded 4500
  • The President of the Hellenic republic was present
  • 2700 visitors interacted with Pepper the Robot and shared amazing social media content
  • More than 2.500 visitors learned more about robotics, the contest and its contribution
  • More than 700 people lived a customized mixed reality experience through the robotic Hololens activation
  • 1500 people enjoyed playing robotic bowling with their Mind through the use of EEG headsets and SPHERO BALL robotic balls.
  • 1200 kids danced on the interactive dance floor with Yoda the Robot as their instructor
  • More than 700 kids created and shared their own Green Screen video co-staring with Yoda the Robot.
  • The event took over the National Media with extensive mentions in TV, Press and Digital.