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mimo labs is an innovation hub that bridges emerging technologies with classical communication disciplines to create unique tech experiences that touch and engage consumers in immersive and substantial ways.

OK so, what do we do?

Our Hub services a number of industries. We work with a broad range of outside professionals giving us intimate insight into each, in order to better understand and hence better build technological solutions.


Innovation is everywhere. The challenge lies in how it is used and why. We create innovative solutions from the ground up that fit the industry and client’s needs. Whether it is the rise of mass produced digital avatars or jewelry that speaks, our creative roots and deep knowledge of how technology can be applied allow us to do what most cannot.
Innovate with a purpose, true to the challenges of the moment. It is what separates us from resellers of tech tools.

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What do you get when you cross a GPS, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a camera and the Unity game engine? The biggest runaway success of the last year, Pokemon GO!
Innovation is not only creating singular technologies but rather the ability to integrate sometimes off the shelf technologies (Pokemon GO) to create complete new technologies or tools. Our multi disciplinary team of creatives, web developers, electronics engineers, industrial designers and production managers gives us the in-house skill set needed to exploit technology effectively and purposefully to meet real world challenges that cannot be answered with one-size-fits-all solutions.

ResearchELT_BRand Development.

Technology for the sake of technology is a term used often, and for good reason. Demo versions of tools are for internal use. They help us see what can be done, in order for us to complete the job. No tool can be an effective representative of your strategy on demo mode. We have built our own strategy on the idea that each project deserves it own use unique content, software, twist, even if the hardware is the same.

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A complete software/hardware solution for creating human digital avatars in mere seconds. In addition to creating accurate avatars for use in gaming, health, education and fashion, our proprietary use of this technology as an event solution has already been used in several countries across multiple industries.

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AR has had a huge boom in popularity lately, and is constantly on the rise. The challenge with this technology is to be at the forefront of developments, rather than repeating “me too” solutions. Our in-house AR team works with the latest global AR platforms, has created bespoke AR apps for several clients and recently launched our own Augment Reality platform -superstAR- in our efforts to stay ahead of the curve.

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Also known as mind control headsets, this incredible technology allows users to use their brain waves as “joysticks” to control and trigger actions. From interacting with a digital device to moving physical objects this new technology offers endless creative applications. And we have already created a few world firsts for our clients.

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Have you ever imagined your brand floating in mid air while consumers look on amazed? Now you can see it live at our showroom. Let your retail or event signage showcase your brand in all its three dimensional glory with this game changing technology.

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Welcome to mixed reality. Interact with holograms in your world with Microsoft HoloLens, a holographic computer and head-mounted display. A device which permits you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the 3D world around you. The new reality is mixed. The feelings are clear: it’s awesome!

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Another booming technology with untold potential. From VR hardware to bespoke software solutions, our relationship with VR sometimes borders on addiction. One of our own internal projects consisted of creating a “Western” style VR shoot ’em up game, where all the cowboys were exact full body digital avatars of the mimo labs team. Needless to say we can create a very robust range of tools in VR!

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VR has been accused of being a very isolated experience. VR cinema is a great work around to answer this challenge in a fun and highly engaging way. VR cinema ensures multiple users can now experience VR content at the same time.

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The world’s only blimp-inspired drone that is safe to touch. One of our many partnerships worth showcasing, the Skye drone is a marvel to look at. At 3 meters in size, this breathtaking drone is perfectly safe for indoor use and capable of live streaming broadcast quality video. Perfect for stadiums, conferences, exhibitions and anywhere you want stand out.

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We are the official European partner of the Virbela platform. A platform designed to bring people together from anywhere in the world, via a proprietary 3D virtual campus. The platform is designed to eliminate the physical challenges of bringing people together to share information and collaborate. Typical use cases include conferences, workshops, meetings, virtual offices, virtual Arts & Culture events and anything your mind can think of. Our words do not do this platform justice, so please ask for a live demo and be ready to hear your jaw drop.

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Welcome to the world’s first web platform that allows users to record personal audio messages and embed them into objects for instant playback. The platform has applications for B2B event use and also supports a unique B2C product innovation in the jewelry industry. The online platform allows users to use their voice in order to sculpt their own jewelry while trapping their audio message inside.

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The next generation of “photo” booths is here. Our Augmented Reality booth replaces physical props with 3D virtual props that users can interact with in real time. You can create any 3D background you like, static or with motion, while the onboard interface makes taking photos and videos a piece of cake. Social media sharing is also a built in function.

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Content is king. And 3D is his crown! Our in-house team of 3D illustrators can help turn any physical object into its 3D digital doppelganger, or help you imagine something that doesn’t even exist. From static 3D content to full HD 3D animation our team can help bring your content fantasies to life in a timely and professional manner.

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The 3D printing revolution is upon us. We have our own 3D printers and collaborate with the worlds largest 3D printing factories for large scale jobs. For prototyping, unique corporate gifts, small scale objects and environments we are a one stop shop for your 3D printing needs. Materials include a variety of plastics, metal, silver, gold, ceramics, paper and even yes, chocolate.

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For e-shop use or digital content creation, there are few tools more effective than 360 degree photos to showcase your goods. A simple, effective and cost effective tool.

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This fun event tool allows users to “sling” messages across a room and onto a digital screen. A great branded tool that creates personalized digital content that is sure to stop event visitors in their tracks.

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